Macbook 12in M7 – It’s Value Your Money!

The MacBook 12-inch M7, a sleek and lightweight Apple laptop, features a 12″ Retina display (2304×1440) for sharp visuals. Powered by a 7th-gen Intel Core m7 processor and 8GB RAM.

It excels in multitasking and handling demanding applications. With up to 10 hours of battery life and a 512GB SSD, it’s perfect for long workdays and offers fast, reliable storage.

Let’s get started with a detailed guide on the Macbook 12in M7 with its features, battery capacity, and many more. 

Introduction To Macbook 12in M7 – Basic Information!

Introduction To Macbook 12in M7 – Basic Information!
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The 12-inch MacBook, weighing just 2 pounds, made a splash with its ultra-slim design and hit the market at $1299 from Apple. Its lightweight build, featuring an Intel Core M7 processor, offered a glimpse into the potential future of laptops.

However, critics took issue with its performance, mainly due to the limitations of its 1.3 GHz Intel Core M7 chip. It struggled with demanding tasks, gaining notoriety for having only one USB-C port handling both power and data transfer.

Comparatively, the MacBook 12-inch M7 fell short in performance when stacked against newer MacBooks running macOS Sierra, and some considered it to be on the expensive side.

Technical Information And Specification Of Macbook 12in M7 – Quick Overview!

Component Specification 
CPU Speed1.3 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.1 GHz)
Processor Intel Core m7
Number of Cores Dual-core
Storage 256 GB, 512 GB, or 1 TB PCIe-based flash storage
Display 12-inch Retina display
Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2
Memory 8 GB or 16 GB LPDDR3 RAM
Resolution 2304 x 1440 pixels226 pixels per inch
Ports USB-C (supporting USB 3.1 Gen 1, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt)
Weight 2.03 pounds

Interesting facts: The newest MacBook Pro 14-inch M2 Pro version weighs 1.6 kilograms, while the 16-inch M2 Pro model comes in at 2.15 kilograms. These models, featuring M2 Max chips, were introduced in January 2024.

Excellent Features Of Macbook 12in M7 – Explore All Of Them!

  1. Design & Build Quality:

The MacBook 12-inch M7 showcases a slim and lightweight design, making it easy to carry around. It has dimensions of 11.04 x 7.74 x 0.52 inches and weighs only 2.03 pounds. 

The laptop features a full-size keyboard and a Force Touch trackpad, ensuring accurate and precise control. Additionally, it includes a 480p FaceTime camera, making it a great option for video conferencing.

  1. Display of Macbook 12in M7:

This MacBook boasts a distinctive 12-inch Retina display that sets it apart from other laptops. If you appreciate sharp and vivid text or images, this is an ideal choice, offering a resolution of 2304 x 1440 pixels with 226 pixels per inch. 

It supports other scaled resolutions, including:

  • 1440 x 900
  • 1280 x 800
  • 1024 x 640 

With a 16:10 ratio, the display showcases vibrant colors, enhancing the allure and mesmerizing quality of visuals.

  1. Graphic card and video support:
Graphic card and video support:
Source: nvidia

In the early 2015 model, Apple made a switch, replacing the HD Graphics 5300 with the Intel Integrated HD Graphics 515, opting for Intel as the graphics processor provider.

The MacBook 12-inch M7 is adept at handling graphics-intensive tasks, such as:

Apple’s attention to detail extends to video support, providing smooth playback for high-definition videos, and reducing buffering for movies, TV shows, and other online content.

  1. Its long-lasting batteries:

The MacBook 12-inch M7 is known for its enduring battery life, utilizing every available cubic centimeter effectively. While the overall lifespan of the MacBook’s battery hasn’t changed, the introduction of newer CPUs has enhanced overall performance.

Apple has declared an additional hour of internet service, now totaling ten hours compared to the previous nine. In real-world usage, the MacBook remains quite comparable. Charging is a breeze with the included 29-watt USB-C power supply, offering a convenient and efficient charging solution.

  1. Resolution and screen size:

The MacBook features a vibrant LCD using active-matrix retina technology, measuring 12 inches. With an impressive 226 pixels per inch, it allows for precise differentiation among millions of colors.

Individual pixels become visible at a typical viewing distance. The internal display supports the full native resolution, while an external monitor can reach up to 3840 by 2160 pixels at 30Hz. Refresh rates on the Retina display include:

  • 59.94 Hertz
  • 60 Hertz
  • 50 Hertz, surpassing the standard 44 Hz.

This screen delivers top-tier HD graphics, ensuring that even a single pixel remains obscured at normal viewing distances. Despite supporting additional resolutions like 1600 and 1024 pixels, the lack of a touch screen prevents it from functioning as a tablet.

For those seeking a versatile option, the Asus 2-in-1 q535 gaming laptop stands out as it excels in both tasks.

  1. Memory and architecture:

The MacBook system is equipped with an 8GB 1666MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM, an upgrade from the previous 8GB 1660MHz, and Level 3 4MB RAM. It operates on a 64-bit architecture, providing stability and efficiency.

Additionally, the laptop offers a memory upgrade option of 16GB. The existing memory capacity ensures the smooth functioning of the workstation, handling tasks with ease.

  1. Storage capacity of Macbook 12in m7:
Storage capacity of Macbook 12in m7:
Source: cnet

The MacBook 12-inch M7 comes with PCIe-based Flash storage in 256GB or 512GB options. The RAM is non-upgradable, and standard hard drive storage ranges from 855 to 947 MB.

The compact MacBook 12-inch M7, despite its small size, gains notable performance boosts from its faster processor. With eight GB of 1666 MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM and four Level 3 memory ports, it doesn’t offer customization options for flash storage.

  1. CPU and Operating system:

The MacBook 12-inch M7 runs on MacOS X 10.1.3 (15E 2066), featuring a dual-core Intel Core m7 CPU with a base speed of 1.3 GHz and a turbo boost up to 3.0 GHz. It shares an internal 8GB 1864MHz DDR3 ROM for memory.

MacBooks run on macOS, finely tuned for peak performance with the 12-inch MacBook M7. The OS allows unique tasks, seamlessly integrating with the hardware and offering a variety of well-crafted apps.

The OS ensures automatic updates of images, documents, and files across all devices via iCloud, establishing a secure and magical connection between your Mac and other Apple gadgets, prioritizing privacy and security in the design process.

  1. Keyboard specifications with enhanced features:

The keyboard, while lacking a number pad that might be challenging for some, is still spacious enough for comfortable typing. Despite its smaller size, it’s well-suited for tasks like writing, image editing, and gaming.

The integrated laptop feature allows for a larger layout, particularly beneficial for video game enthusiasts and left-handed users. The laptop comes with a full-size keyboard featuring backlit keys, ensuring accurate cursor control and pressure-sensing capabilities.

  1. Price and availability:

The cost of the MacBook 12-inch M7 ranges from $250 to $350, varying based on its specifications.

  • For instance, the MacBook 12 in Space Gray, Early 2015, with a 1.1 GHz Intel Core M, 8GB RAM, and 256GB storage, is priced at USD 329.99 on eBay. Another option is the MacBook Pro 2017 – 13″ Retina – Thunderbolt 3, available for USD 255.00 on eBay.

Discontinued in June 2017, the MacBook 12-inch is no longer in Apple stores but can be found on various online retailers. If unavailable, consider alternatives like MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

  1. Upgrades to the MacBook 12in m7:

The MacBook 12-inch M7 comes with 8GB of RAM for operational tasks, but it can be expanded to 16 GB. The review version initially had 8GB of 1600 MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM, later upgraded to 8GB of 1866 MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM as onboard RAM.

Other Essential Features – Additional Specifications!

  • A 480p webcam for video communication.
  • Support for multiple touch gestures.
  • Capability to connect to multiple displays using VGA or HDMI adapters.
  • Good battery life, consuming 11–12% per hour, offering 11 hours of iTunes movie playback, and 10 hours of wireless internet usage.
  • A force touch trackpad for enhanced functionality, featuring 12 function keys and 4 arrow keys with separate LED backlighting.
  • Versatility in connecting external audio devices via cable or Bluetooth, supporting microphones and both wired and Bluetooth Apple iPhone headsets. It also includes a 3.5 mm headphone jack and two microphones.

Is Macbook 12in M7 Good For Gaming? – Know The Fact!

Is Macbook 12in M7 Good For Gaming? – Know The Fact!
Source: medium

Macs, known for their design and performance, aren’t typically the top choice for gaming in 2024. Devices like the MacBook Pro, not specifically designed for gaming, have still managed to support games over the years.

However, for those seeking a machine primarily for gaming, it’s advisable to explore dedicated gaming laptops in 2024, such as:

  • Clevo NH70
  • Acer Predator Helios 300
  • ASUS TUF Gaming A15
  • Lenovo Legion 5
  • HP Omen 15
  • M1 Pro
  • M1 Max Pro

1. Top 10 Turn-Based Mac Games to Play in 2024:

  1. Among Us
  2. Minecraft
  3. Stardew Valley
  4. Civilization VI
  5. Rocket League
  6. Team Fortress 2
  7. Cities: Skylines
  8. The Sims 4
  9. Fortnite
  10. Tomb Raider

Additionally, with the introduction of the Apple Silicon-powered MacBook (M1 Pro/M1 Max) in 2021, game compatibility and performance on later MacBook models might see improvements.

2. Factors That Limit The Gaming On Macbooks:

  1. Graphics Performance: MacBooks often use integrated graphics or less powerful discrete graphics cards, impacting the smoothness and compatibility of graphically demanding games.
  2. Heat Constraints: it may experience thermal throttling during intense gaming due to its design balancing performance with thermals.
  3. Hardware Restrictions: MacBooks usually offer fewer upgrade options for components like RAM, storage, and graphics capabilities, limiting the ability to enhance gaming performance.
  4. Game Compatibility: While macOS game availability has improved, it still lags behind Windows, with some games having delayed releases, compatibility issues, or being unavailable.
  5. Software Optimization: Game developers prioritize optimizing games for Windows, potentially resulting in less optimized macOS versions with performance discrepancies.
  6. Keyboard and Mouse Specification: The MacBook’s keyboard, while comfortable for typing, may pose challenges with the number pad. Despite its smaller size, it is suitable for writing, video or image editing, and playing games.

Pros And Cons Of Macbook 12in M7 – Quicken Survey!

Pros Cons 
Full-size keyboard with individually backlit keysVery Costly
Outstanding software support for LG Legion 5Quality of assembly is not strong and is easily vulnerable
TFT-led backlit active display with scaled resolutions60Hz Refresh rate  
Good battery life with a 12″ display and good standby timeProcessor and storage speed is not sufficient 
Multiple valuable inherent applicationsNo ports other than the USB C port
Steady association with Wi-Fi 
Bluetooth 4.0 standard AirPort, backward compatible with other Bluetooth devices

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When was the MacBook 12in M7 released?

This pricier MacBook was launched on April 19, 2015, featuring a 1.3 GHz Intel Core m7 processor. However, Apple started promoting it in 2016.

2. Will the MacBook 12 be back?

The MacBook 12-inch M7 was discontinued in 2019, and there are no indications that it will be reintroduced in the near future.

3. How long is a MacBook good for?

The lifespan of a MacBook varies based on its usage and purpose, but research suggests they generally last between 8 and 9 years.


Apple’s MacBook series, including the 12-inch M7, maintains popularity for enduring designs. Despite being discontinued, the 12-inch M7 remains in demand for its innovation. 

While the 2016 Macook serves well for work, newer models offer enhanced features. MacBooks, not optimized for gaming due to limited graphics, can still handle high-resolution games.