Pokemon Infinite Fusion Larvesta – Unlock The Fusion Magic!

Catching Larvesta in Pokemon Infinite Fusion is an exciting adventure that mixes the complex fusion mechanics of the game with the challenge of getting a Fire/Bug-type Pokemon.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Larvesta is a unique Fire/Bug-type Pokemon resulting from the fusion of Larvitar and Vulpix. This fusion combines distinct attributes, creating a Pokemon with a special combination of typing, appearance, moves, and abilities.

This article will guide you about Larvesta’s fusion potential, evolution, and unique characteristics, providing you with valuable insights and expert knowledge.

What Is Pokemon Infinite Fusion? – for those who don’t know!

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a fan-created modification to Pokemon games, giving players the ability to blend any two Pokemon to form an entirely new one.

This allows players to mix and match their preferred Pokemon, producing unique fusions with diverse types, moves, stats, and appearances.

What Is Pokemon Infinite Fusion
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Start by catching the desired Pokemon in the game to perform a fusion. Then, head to a Fusion Lab, where you can choose two Pokemon for merging. The resulting fusion will be a Pokemon inheriting traits from both parent Pokemon.

For instance, combining a fire type with a water type could yield a Pokemon capable of using fire and water moves.

Mixing a swift Pokemon with a powerful one might create a fast and formidable creature. The creative possibilities are boundless!

Appearance and Typing

The mixed Pokemon takes on characteristics from both parents regarding appearance and typing. For instance, combining Bulbasaur and Charmander could result in a Fire/Grass type Pokemon, while merging Pikachu and Jigglypuff might create an Electric/Fairy Pokemon.

Stats and Moves

As for stats and moves, the new Pokemon inherits a mix of stats, strengths, and moves from its parent Pokemon. If you fuse Pokemon with high Attack stats, the fusion may excel in Attack.

If the parent Pokemon shares a move or move type, the fusion might learn those moves or prefer that move type. Some fusions could even showcase signature moves that blend elements from the parents’ signature moves.

Larvesta In Pokemon Infinite Fusion – Introducing It!

Larvesta is a new addition to Pokemon Infinite Fusion, and this cute Fire/Bug-type Pokemon looks like a flaming cocoon.

Despite its adorable appearance, Larvesta can be quite powerful, especially with its high Special Attack stat and access to potent Fire-type moves.

Larvesta In Pokemon Infinite Fusion
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To get Larvesta, you can catch its pre-evolution, Volcarona, in the wild or breed it. Volcarona has a 5% chance of holding a Larvesta Egg, which, when hatched after 25,000 steps, gives you your very own Larvesta. It takes a while, but the result is definitely worth the effort!

Regarding moves and stats, Larvesta shines in Special Attack and Speed. With a Modest or Timid nature, Larvesta can make the most of moves like:

  • Fire Blast: A strong STAB move with a chance to burn.
  • Bug Buzz: Another potent STAB move that might lower Special Defense.
  • Quiver Dance: Boosts Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed.
  • Flamethrower: A reliable STAB move with a high chance of burning.

While Larvesta also learns Flare Blitz, a robust physical Fire move, focusing on special moves is better due to its mediocre Attack stat. With some effort in Special Attack and Speed EVs, Larvesta can sweep through unprepared teams after a Quiver Dance or two. 

Its typing provides useful resistance, though it’s essential to be cautious of its weaknesses to Rock, Water, and Flying moves.

Larvesta’s Stats And Moveset In Pokemon Infinite Fusion – Find It Out!

Larvesta packs a punch with high HP, Attack, and Special Attack stats, making it a solid damage dealer. However, be cautious as its Defense and Special Defense are on the lower side, making it vulnerable to attacks targeting these areas. While Larvesta’s Speed is decent, it may not outpace faster Pokemon.

In terms of moves, Larvesta excels in special Fire-type attacks, including:

Overheat: A mighty special Fire move with 140 power, though it significantly lowers Larvesta’s Special Attack after use.

Flamethrower: A potent special Fire move with 90 power and a high chance of causing burns.

Fire Blast: A powerful special Fire move with 120 power, but it comes with a lower accuracy of 85%.

Larvesta also learns some handy support moves like:

Will-O-Wisp: Burns the target, cutting their Attack stat in half and great for weakening physical attackers.

Morning Sun: Heals Larvesta for up to 50% of its max HP, helping counteract damage from items like Life Orb or hazards like Stealth Rock.

String Shot: Lowers the target’s Speed, potentially helping Larvesta outspeed opponents or assisting allies in outpacing the target.

With TMs, Larvesta expands its moveset to include Solar Beam, Thunderbolt, and Bug Buzz for added coverage. It can also learn Roost for self-healing and Defog to clear entry hazards.

How to Capture the Larvesta in pokemon infinite fusion? – Step-by-Step Guide!

  1. Hunt in the Desert Resort:

Your best bet is to explore the Desert Resort, particularly around Relic Castle and the Desert Resort Camp. Larvesta likes to pop up during sandstorms, but it’s pretty rare. 

Roam around on foot or bike during the sandstorms until you spot one. It might take some time, but persistence pays off, and you’ll eventually come across Larvesta.

  1. Check out Castelia City:

Another place where Larvesta occasionally appears is Castelia City. Look around the piers and Skyarrow Bridge, focusing on dark, grassy areas. 

Check out Castelia City
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Larvesta prefers spots near heat or fire, so watch near lit buildings, trash cans, vents, and other warm spots. Larvesta sightings are infrequent, so be thorough in your search.

Pro Tips:

Check out Veridian forest; Larvesta can be rare but possible.

Explore the safari zone temple, Desert Temple, Hidden Temple, or Ruins.

  1. Use Honey or Sweet Scent:

Boost your chances by using Honey or the Move Sweet Scent. These items attract wild Pokemon, increasing the likelihood of encountering Larvesta. 

Apply Honey to dark, grassy spots, or use Sweet Scent in the areas mentioned earlier. While this improves your chances, there’s no guarantee you’ll find Larvesta.

  1. Time Your Search:

Larvesta appears more during early mornings or late evenings. Be patient and take your time exploring its potential habitats. Connecting with online friends or in-game information groups can help pinpoint its location.

Pro Tip:

Watch for special events or specific areas that trigger Larvesta’s appearance.

  1. Prepare Your Team:

Ensure your team is ready before heading into Larvesta’s habitat. Have Pokemon with strong Water, Rock, and Electric-type moves to counter its vulnerabilities, giving you an advantage in battle.

  1. Strategic Battle Engagement:

When facing Larvesta, approach the battle strategically. Instead of direct attacks, use status-altering moves like Sleep Powder or Paralysis, considering Larvesta’s relatively low base stats.

Pro Tip:

Inflict a status condition like Sleep or Paralysis to make capturing Larvesta easier.

Use Ultra Balls:

Since Larvesta is a rare find, be persistent and have a supply of Ultra Balls for a better chance of success. Ultra Balls have a higher catch rate, increasing your odds of adding Larvesta to your collection.

Pro Tips:

Start with regular Poké Balls to save your stronger ones initially.

As Larvesta’s HP decreases and it’s under a status condition, use your best Poké Ball for a well-timed throw, aiming for the optimal capture zone.

Remember! With some dedication and patience, you can track down Larvesta. If it takes a few tries, don’t get disheartened. Once you spot it in the wild, weaken it in battle, and nab it with an Ultra Ball to welcome this unique Pokemon to your team!

How To Effectively Use Larvesta In Battles In Pokemon Infinite Fusion? – Explore It!

How To Effectively Use Larvesta In Battles In Pokemon Infinite Fusion
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1. Moves:

Larvesta comes equipped with powerful Fire and Bug-type moves as it levels up. Moves like Flame Charge and Ember bring the heat for Fire damage, while String Shot and Bug Bite showcase useful Bug-type attacks. 

As Larvesta evolves into Volcarona, it gains access to even more potent moves, such as Fiery Dance, Quiver Dance, and Hurricane.

2. Abilities:

Larvesta boasts two valuable abilities – Flame Body and Swarm. Flame Body has a 30% chance of burning opponents making contact with Larvesta, making it handy for weakening physical attackers. 

Conversely, Swarm enhances Bug-type moves when Larvesta’s HP is low, allowing for powerful strikes with moves like Bug Bite or String Shot.

3. Held Items:

Equipping Larvesta with Charcoal proves beneficial, boosting the power of its Fire-type moves by 20%. This complements Larvesta’s Fire-type arsenal, including Ember and Flame Charge. 

Alternatively, providing Larvesta with the Metronome increases damage with consecutive use of the same move.

4. Stats:

With high Special Attack and decent Speed, Larvesta excels in special Fire and Bug-type attacks. However, its Defense and Special Defense are on the lower side, making it susceptible to super-effective Rock, Water, and Flying moves. 

Leverage Larvesta’s Speed to strike first with Flame Charge, then follow up with devastating special attacks.

5. Strategy:

Initiate battles with Flame Charge to boost Larvesta’s Speed, paving the way for subsequent strikes with special Fire moves like Ember. Flame Body adds a strategic burn chance if opponents employ contact moves. 

Additionally, setting up Quiver Dance with Volcarona significantly boosts Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed, allowing for impactful moves like Fiery Dance or Bug Buzz.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How rare is Larvesta?

Pokemon in Tier 5, such as Larvesta, have a very low hatch rate, less than 2%. Additionally, there’s no guarantee that the game will allow players to hatch their eggs when expected.

2. Where can I find Volcarona in Pokémon infinite fusion?

Find the Safari Zone Temple in Kanto, or Desert Temple or Hidden Temple, at the North-Western end of Safari Zone (Area 5). Discover roaming Golett and Cofagrigus inside, with Volcarona located at the North-Western end.

3. At what level does Larvesta evolve Pokémon’s infinite fusion?

Larvesta, known as Merlarva in Japanese, is a Bug/Fire-type Pokemon introduced in Generation V. It evolves into Volcarona once it reaches level 59.

Conclude It

In the dynamic world of Pokemon Infinite Fusion, capturing Larvesta blends fusion mechanics with the challenge of acquiring a Fire/Bug-type Pokemon. Larvesta, born of Larvitar and Vulpix, showcases a fusion playground, allowing diverse combinations. 

The article guides on capturing this elusive firebug and explores its battle potential in the Infinite Fusion universe, symbolizing the boundless creativity in Pokemon melding. 

Happy fusing!

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