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Unlock the future of transportation with Diversified Auto. It is a marvel of modern engineering and has transformed how we navigate our daily lives.

Diversified Auto encompasses a variety of advanced vehicles, integrating cutting-edge technology and safety features, including electric models, to offer a diverse and enhanced driving experience.

This article will guide you on everything you want to know about the diversified auto world. So, let’s get into it!

History Of Diversified Automotive – Quick Overview!

Diversified Automotive, Inc. (DAI) stands out as a leading auto shipping and processing service provider in the U.S. Northeast. With decades of experience serving dealers and retail customers, we have built a reputation for safety and professionalism. 

Diversified Automotive
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Our base is in Charlestown, Massachusetts, in the Port of Boston, where we manage the Boston Autoport, an expansive 80-acre facility with deep water access.

Our senior management team boasts over thirty-five years of expertise in vehicle processing and automobile transportation. 

Since 1985, this team has overseen all facets of port operations and vehicle transport for Subaru Distributors Corp., an affiliate company of DAI.

In 1988, DAI underwent formal incorporation, with Dennis Kraez assuming the role of president and Chief Operating Officer.

1. Partnership with Subaru Distributors Corp. (SDC) and Fleet Operations:

DAI entered a significant contract with Subaru Distributors Corp. (SDC), managing vehicle processing at the Port of Boston and transporting SDC’s vehicles to New York and New Jersey dealers. 

Our responsibilities encompass transporting Subaru vehicles to all Subaru dealers across New York State and the northern ten counties of New Jersey. DAI operates a fleet of over 200 tractor-trailer car carriers for efficient transportation.

2. Expansion and Continued Service to Nissan of North America:

DAI expanded its services to Nissan of North America in October 1996, collaborating with CSX transportation. The company continues to ensure timely deliveries through inspection and efficient processes.

Despite Nissan reestablishing logistics control in 2000, DAI retained traffic from Selkirk, NY, and was once again awarded the contract in Framingham, MA, in April 2003.

Services Offered At Diversified Auto – Explore The Services!

1. Automotive Transport:

At Diversified Automotive, we run a modern and well-kept fleet of more than 200 car carriers spread across the Northeast region of the United States.

Our main focus is on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers, which includes major automotive manufacturers providing cars to the US market. 

Automotive Transport
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Most of our work comes from various ports and railyards in the Northeast, making up about 95% of our yearly operations.

We take immense pride in our valued customers and have been fortunate to receive numerous awards for our exceptional on-time performance and skilled vehicle handling.

  • Expanded Services Beyond OEMs:

In addition to serving OEMs, Diversified extends its transportation services to thousands of regional dealers. 

We facilitate transportation to and from regional auction locations and handle dealer-to-dealer moves. Collaborations with rental agencies include transportation between airport locations.

  • Regional Operations and National Connections:

While our primary operations are within the Northeast, we have established relationships with carriers throughout the continental United States. 

Our “one-stop shop” approach includes brokerage services for dealer-to-dealer moves and privately owned vehicles (POVs) transportation beyond our normal coverage areas.

  • Team Excellence at DAI:

In any service-oriented company, your reputation is directly linked to the quality of your team. Here at DAI, we take pride in our highly skilled and professional group of car-haulers, dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. 

 2. Vehicle Export Service For Shipping Lines:

Diversified Automotive offers a comprehensive vehicle export service for shipping lines aiming to send vehicles to international markets. Our customers serve West Africa ports from our 81-acre facility in Boston. Here’s how our services work:

  • Vehicle Receiving and Storage: We receive privately owned vehicles (POVs) and High/Heavy units, storing them securely in our facility until a vessel is ready for loading.
  • Efficient Handling with Technology: Our advanced handheld computers provide customers instant access to vehicle delivery status at our port
  • Customs Documentation Processing: We streamline the documentation process, ensuring approval through Customs and Border Protection.
  • Loading onto ships: Our team drives the vehicles from inventory to the facility berth when the shipping line vessel arrives at our port. ILA stevedores then handle the loading onto the ship.
  • Web Portal for Real-Time Monitoring: We provide shipping line customers with a user-friendly Web Portal for data access. This portal enables them to monitor their vehicles in real-time throughout the activity cycle.
  • Customer Communication: Our customers can offer their clients real-time information about the status of their vehicles, enhancing transparency and communication.

3.  Service of Vehicle Processing:

This company is a key player, processing approximately 40,000 new vehicles annually for a private Subaru Distributor since 1998.

Offering a comprehensive suite of services, including parts warehousing, vehicle accessory installation, pre-delivery inspections, and full vehicle detailing, we ensure each vehicle receives meticulous attention. 

Service of Vehicle Processing
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Our yard operations department conducts vital marine and transport inspections, acting as the first point-of-rest for your vehicles.

Employing an advanced vehicle management system, we meticulously track each automobile throughout production, ensuring transparency and accuracy. 

Housed in a cutting-edge 110,000 sq ft Vehicle Processing Center, we boast a remarkable capacity, preparing 225 fully dealer-ready vehicles daily.

Partner with Diversified Automotive for a streamlined and efficient vehicle processing experience that exceeds expectations.

4. Dealer Storage is also includes:

At our 81-acre Massport site in Charlestown, MA, DAI provides secure storage for local dealers, addressing the limited space in the Boston area.

As the first point of rest for car carriers, we conduct necessary vehicle inspections on behalf of the dealers using our storage.

Inspected vehicles are logged into our port storage database and are accessible to dealers through an online portal.

They can request vehicle pickup staging, choose transportation options, or use their drivers. All exits undergo rigorous paperwork verification at security for a seamless and secure process.

5. Trucks Sale Service At Diversified Auto:

At Diversified Auto, we take pride in offering a comprehensive truck sale Service that goes beyond merely providing vehicles.

Our commitment extends to delivering top-quality trucks and exceptional service to ensure a satisfying and stress-free buying experience. 

Trucks Sale Service At Diversified Auto
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Whether you’re searching for robust work trucks or versatile pickups, our inventory is curated to meet diverse needs.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect truck that aligns with your requirements.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Who is the CEO of the diversified automotive?

David Sammons currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Diversified Automotive, Inc.

2. Can I charge my diversified auto at home?

Yes, you can charge your diversified auto at home. Many diversified auto models come equipped with a home charging option, allowing owners to conveniently recharge their vehicles overnight.

3. What is the average lifespan of a diversified auto battery?

Diversified auto batteries typically have a lifespan ranging from 8 to 15 years. The actual longevity can vary based on factors such as the type of battery, usage patterns, and environmental conditions.


Diversified Auto leads modern transportation, blending innovation and safety in diverse vehicles. With a history rooted in excellence, it offers versatile services, led by CEO David Sammons. 

Beyond vehicles, it’s a reliable partner for a seamless driving experience, where innovation meets reliability.

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