Can You Put E85 In A Ford Fusion? – Exploring Fuel Options In 20023

The availability of alternative fuels has increased over the years, leaving many car owners curious about their options. When fueling your Ford Fusion, you might have heard about E85 ethanol fuel and wondered whether it suits your vehicle. 

You can put E85 ethanol fuel in a 2020 – present model of the Ford Fusion. However,  always consult your owner’s manual and consider factors like performance, fuel efficiency, and availability in your area.

In this article, we will walk you through the world of E85 fuel and its compatibility with the Ford Fusion, addressing all your queries and concerns.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Using E85 In Your Ford Fusion – You Must Know!

1. It Can Reduce Emissions:

E85 fuel has a higher ethanol content, which can lead to lower emissions compared to traditional gasoline.

By using E85, you contribute to improving the air and reducing carbon footprints. It gives the feeling of a cleaner environment.

2. Reduced Dependency on Fossil Fuels: 

E85 is a type of fuel made up of gasoline and a significant amount of ethanol, usually around 85%.

However, Ethanol is mainly made from renewable resources such as corn or sugarcane. Therefore, this makes it a renewable fuel option. 

Reduced Dependency on Fossil Fuels

By opting for E85, you reduce your dependence on fossil fuels. These fossil fuels are limited and associated with geopolitical and environmental challenges. This reduces dependency on fossil fuels and supports sustainable energy practices. 

3. E85 Can Enhance The Performance Of A Vehicle:

In some cases, E85 can offer higher octane levels, which might enhance engine performance and efficiency.

The increased octane level prevents engine knocking and allows for more advanced ignition timing. This can result in smoother acceleration and a better overall driving experience.

E85 Can Enhance The Performance Of A Vehicle
Source:National Speed

From my own experience, I have noticed better performance in my Ford Fusion after using E85. I found that this can significantly reduce engine knocking and improve overall time on the road.

4. Potential Cost Saving Is A Considerable Benefit:

Its prices vary from region to region due to supply, demand, and local regulations. The price of E85 per gallon is typically lower than that of regular gasoline. 

However, E85 has a lower energy content, meaning you might need more gallons of E85 to cover the same distance. 

Therefore, as per my experience, consistent use of E85 at a lower price per gallon can lead to notable savings on your overall fuel expenses.

5. This Fuel Helps cool down The Engine:

E85 fuel contains more ethanol, which can cool the engine and potentially extend the life of engine components.

This Fuel Helps cool down The Engine
Source:Cash Cars Buyer

This unique quality of the E85 is something that attracts specific car owners. Especially those who want their engines to last longer and work better.

So, these are the benefits of using E85 in a Ford Fusion. But If you want further information, read the data on the Ford Fusion Club. Now, we are moving forward to check the compatibility of the car. So, stay with us!

Checking The Compatibility Of Your Ford Fusion – A Must-Do Before Choosing E85:

Consult Your Owner’s Manual: Your Ford Fusion’s owner’s manual should provide information about fuel compatibility. Look for any mentions of E85 or ethanol blends.

Check the Gas Cap: Many FFV vehicles, including some Ford Fusion models, have a yellow gas cap indicating compatibility with E85.

Research Online: Utilize Ford’s official website or other reputable sources to search for information about E85 compatibility for your specific Fusion model.

After reading the above guidelines, this table shows comprehensive data about the Ford models and their compatibility: 

GenerationyearsFuel Type CompatibilityE85 Compatibility
1st Generation2006-2012GasolineNo
2nd Generation2013-2020Gasoline, Hybrid, Plug-in HybridNo
3rd Generation2020-PresentGasoline, Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, All-ElectricYes (Flexible-Fuel Vehicles)

Some Drawbacks Of E85 – You Must Consider!

  • Lower Fuel Economy: E85 has a lower energy content compared to gasoline. This can reduce fuel efficiency, meaning you might need to fill up more frequently.
Some Drawbacks Of E85
Source:Clean Drive
  • Availability of E85 Stations: While E85 is becoming more accessible, its availability might be limited in some areas. Before switching to E85, ensure that there are convenient fueling stations near you.
  • Compatibility Issues: If your Ford Fusion isn’t specifically designed for E85, using it could lead to performance problems and potential engine damage. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

And That’s All! You are completely aware of the best fuel for your Ford Fusion. Feel free to consider all the information while choosing E85 fuel for your Ford Fusion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I mix up the gasoline with E85?

No, Mixing E85 with regular gasoline can lead to engine problems. So, just stick to one type of fuel. It gives an overall excellent performance.

2. Does using E85 require any vehicle modifications?

No, using E85 usually doesn’t require any modifications to your vehicle. Most flex-fuel cars are designed to run on E85 without any additional changes.

3. Can I use E85 in any weather?

E85 could make it harder for your car to start in freezing weather. But don’t worry; vehicles designed for flex-fuel (FFV) are made to handle this problem.

4. What happens if I accidentally use E85 in a non-compatible Ford Fusion? 

Using E85 in a non-compatible Ford Fusion can lead to engine problems and potentially end your warranty. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for fuel type to avoid such problems

In a nutshell:

Let me conclude it, Yes, you can use E85 ethanol fuel in a Ford Fusion, but it’s important to ensure the compatibility of your specific model. Always consult your owner’s manual and consider factors like performance, fuel efficiency, and availability in your area.

Always remember that better car performance leads to a valuable journey. We hope this guide is helpful and informative for you!

Have a safe journey!