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Colorado Springs Mall – Plan Your Perfect Day Out!

Colorado Springs is a beautiful city near the Rocky Mountains with lots of nature and lively city areas. In the middle of all this action is the Colorado Springs Mall, where you can shop and hang out with your community. 

Colorado Springs Mall has been a popular shopping destination since its opening, known for its diverse array of stores. Over time, it has evolved to meet shoppers’ needs, cementing its status as a top retail destination in the region.

Let’s look inside this famous shopping spot, learn about its past, what you can find there, and why it’s special for everyone who visits.

Highlighted Features Of Colorado Springs Mall – Explore All Of Them!

  1. Location and Accessibility:

The mall is right in the middle of Colorado Springs, so it’s easy to reach by car or public transport. It’s a convenient spot whether you’re a local or a tourist. 

And don’t worry about parking – there’s plenty available, including spaces for people with disabilities. So, no matter how you get there, you can enjoy shopping and all the amenities hassle-free.

  1. Retail and Dining:

In addition to shopping, the mall offers diverse dining options, ranging from quick bites at the food court to sit-down dinners. With various cuisines available, there’s something to satisfy every craving.

Apart from shopping, the mall offers various dining choices, from quick bites at the food court to upscale dining experiences. With diverse cuisines available, there’s something to please every taste bud.

  1. Entertainment and Recreation:
Entertainment and Recreation
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Besides shopping and eating, the Colorado Springs Mall is also a fun place to hang out. You can watch the newest movies at the movie theater, play games at the arcade or virtual reality center, and enjoy family-friendly activities like indoor playgrounds and interactive exhibits. There’s something for everyone to have a good time at the mall.

  1. Community Engagement:

The Colorado Springs Mall isn’t just about shopping—it’s also a place where the community comes together.

Throughout the year, the mall hosts various events like festivals and fundraisers that unite people to support local causes. 

They also work with local groups and schools to offer educational programs and other activities, ensuring they’re a big part of the community.

7 Best Malls And Shopping Centers In Colorado Springs – Find More Options!

1. The Promenade Shops at Briargate:

In the fancy Briargate area of Colorado Springs, you’ll find The Promenade Shops at Briargate. It’s a classy place to shop and eat, with many fancy stores and excellent restaurants. 

People around here and visitors come for the high-end shops and tasty food. Whether you’re into stylish clothes or chic home décor, The Promenade has something for you if you like top-notch things.

2. Chapel Hills Mall:

It is a big shopping spot in Colorado Springs, offering many different stores and things to do. There are major department stores, cool specialty shops, and places to eat, so everyone can find something they like. 

You can check out the newest fashion trends, get the latest electronics, or watch a movie at the mall’s theater. It’s easy to get to and has plenty of parking, making it a popular place to spend a day shopping and having fun.

3. The Citadel:

The Citadel
Source: uncovercolorado

This is a busy shopping center where Interstate 25 and Academy Boulevard meet. It’s famous for having lots of stores and fun things to do.

You can find big-name stores and local favorites, from clothes and accessories to electronics and sports gear. 

After shopping, you can grab a meal at one of the many restaurants or a quick bite at the food court. With its handy location and wide variety of options, The Citadel is a popular choice for shoppers of all ages.

4. First & Main Town Center:

First & Main Town Center is lively on the east side of Colorado Springs. It’s not just a shopping spot – it’s also a place for fun and entertainment.

You can find all kinds of stores here, from big ones to smaller specialty shops, and there are plenty of things for families to do. 

You’ll find it here whether you need outdoor gear, furniture for your home, or just a place to grab a bite with friends.

And with all the events and activities happening regularly, there’s always something new to enjoy at this exciting shopping spot.

5. Cheyenne Mountain Shopping Center:

This Shopping Center sits at the foot of the beautiful Cheyenne Mountain, offering both convenience and charm.

Surrounded by picturesque views, it provides a peaceful shopping atmosphere away from the city’s noise. 

Here, visitors can find a wide range of stores, from every day groceries to unique gifts and services, all in one convenient spot. With its friendly vibe and breathtaking scenery, it’s a favorite spot for locals and tourists.

6. Broadmoor Towne Center:

It is located in downtown Colorado Springs and is a top-notch shopping spot famous for its high-end stores and dining choices.

The center’s classy design and beautiful surroundings make it a perfect place for relaxed shopping and dining. 

Visitors can explore stylish fashion boutiques, home décor shops, and specialty stores, then treat themselves to a fancy meal at one of the upscale restaurants.

With its luxurious features and central location, Broadmoor Towne Center offers a sophisticated shopping experience for those with discerning tastes.

7. University Village Shopping Center:

The University Village Shopping Center is next to the University of Colorado Colorado Springs campus.

It’s a busy place with lots of stores, restaurants, and things to do, perfect for students, faculty, and locals. You can shop, eat, and hang out here, with plenty of options to choose from. 

Whether looking for stylish clothes, a quick bite to eat, or a cozy coffee shop, you’ll find it all in a convenient and easy-to-walk-around area.

With its lively vibe and being so close to campus, the University Village Shopping Center is a popular spot for the whole community to come together.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does the University Village Shopping Center offer student discounts?

Yes, some University Village Shopping Center stores may offer student discounts, but they vary depending on the store. It’s always a good idea to ask at the individual stores.

2. Are there any outdoor seating areas at Broadmoor Towne Center?

Yes, Broadmoor Towne Center provides outdoor seating areas where visitors can enjoy their meals or take a break while shopping.

3. Does Chapel Hills Mall have a movie theater?

Yes, Chapel Hills Mall features a movie theater where visitors can catch the latest films on the big screen.


Colorado Springs Mall is a lively center in the city where people can shop, eat, and have fun. It’s in a convenient spot and has lots of things to do, like events and activities that bring the community together. 

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the mall is a special place where you can make memories and enjoy yourself.

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