ViewPure – Enjoy Distraction-Free Videos In 2024!

In an era where online videos are everywhere, finding a tool that enhances the viewing experience is invaluable. To watch distraction-free videos, all you need is ViewPure.

ViewPure is a platform that simplifies and enhances the online video viewing experience. It achieves this by removing distractions like ads and comments, allowing users to just focus on the content they want to watch.

In this detailed guide, we’ll explore what ViewPure is, how it works, its main features, and how it can help teachers and regular folks like you. 

What Is Viewpure? – A Quick Overview!

ViewPure is a web-based tool designed to provide a clean and distraction-free viewing experience for online videos. 

Founded in 2006 by Richard Byrne, an educator and technology enthusiast, ViewPure was initially created to address the issue of inappropriate content and distracting advertisements often found on video-sharing platforms like YouTube.

How Does Viewpure Work? – Understand Working Mechanism!

Through ViewPure, you can watch YouTube videos without all the extra stuff like comments, ads, or related videos. It’s great for watching videos with students because it keeps things simple and focused. 

Remember, ViewPure doesn’t pick videos for you – you must search for them yourself. Also, not all YouTube videos work on ViewPure, only the ones that can be embedded. But there are still plenty to choose from.

Who Will Find Viewpure Helpful? – A Game-Changing Tool!

Who Will Find Viewpure Helpful
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  1. School teachers: Once, the teacher showed a YouTube video in my son’s class. It ended with inappropriate suggested videos popping up, which caused a bit of a disruption.
  2. Church leaders: It’s frustrating when you’re trying to show a positive and uplifting video during a service, but then you see other videos suggested on the side that go against the message you’re trying to convey.
  3. Parents: Even when our kids watch good videos, the comments below can sometimes be negative or inappropriate.
  4. Minimalists or easily distracted people: It’s nice to watch videos with no extra clutter around them, just a clean white space. And it’s a relief that new videos don’t automatically start playing after the one you’re watching ends.

How Do I Use ViewPure? – Step-By-Step Guide!

  1. Copy the YouTube video’s web address (URL) you want to clean up.
  2. Go to ViewPure and paste the URL into the search box.
  3. Click on the “Purify” button.
  4. If needed, trim parts of the video you don’t want.
  5. Decide if you want to add the purified video to a playlist, put it on a website or blog, or create a QR Code to share with others.

What Are The Benefits Offered By ViewPure? – For Your Better Viewing Experience!

1. For The Everyday Users:

  • Distraction-Free Viewing: Whether watching educational content, entertainment videos, or tutorials, ViewPure offers a clean and distraction-free viewing experience.
  • Improved Focus: ViewPure helps users focus on the content they intend to watch by removing ads and unrelated videos.
  • Safe Sharing: ViewPure’s safe search feature and content filtering make it a safer option for sharing videos with friends and family, especially when children are involved.
  • Embedding Options: Users can easily embed purified videos on websites or blogs, enhancing the user experience for visitors.

2. For The Students:

For The Students
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  • Control Over Content: With ViewPure, educators can ensure that students only view relevant educational content without the distractions commonly found on video-sharing platforms.
  • Safe Viewing Environment: ViewPure creates a safer online environment for students by removing ads and inappropriate comments.
  • Customized Playlists: Teachers can curate customized playlists tailored to their lesson plans, making organising and sharing relevant videos with students easy.
  • Enhanced Focus: The distraction-free interface of ViewPure helps students maintain focus during video-based learning activities.
  • Privacy Protection: Password protection options allow educators to control who can access purified videos, ensuring student privacy.

What Are The Alternatives To The ViewPure? – More Options To Choose!

  • SafeShare TV: If you want other sites like ViewPure, SafeShare TV is a great option. It removes all the extra stuff in videos, like links to other videos and annoying ads, so you can watch safely. 
  • Watch2Gether: It is another tool for YouTube, but it doesn’t remove distractions. Instead, it gives you a private space to watch videos with others.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much does ViewPure cost?

ViewPure offers a free account with all the features but also comes with ads. It also has a  Pro Account for $4.95/month or $49.50/year. Schools and districts can get a discount, paying only for the first 20 teachers in a school building.

2. Can I use ViewPure without creating an account?

Yes, you can use ViewPure without creating an account. However, creating an account provides access to additional features and customization options, such as creating playlists and password protection for purified videos.

3. Does ViewPure offer a mobile app for on-the-go video purification?

No, ViewPure does not currently offer a mobile app. However, the mobile-friendly website allows users to access and purify videos on their smartphones or tablets through a web browser.

4. Is there a limit to the number of videos I can purify with a free ViewPure account?

No, there is no limit to the number of videos you can purify with a free ViewPure account. However, free accounts may display ads, and additional features such as ad-free viewing and advanced customization options are available with the Pro Account subscription.


ViewPure is a powerful tool that simplifies the online video viewing experience by removing distractions and providing a safe, clean interface. It caters to educators and everyday users, providing solutions for enhancing teaching materials and viewing experience.

Try it out today and unlock the full potential of your online videos!

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